Six of Crows Book Review

I’m little disappointed with this book.

Maybe it was my fault, maybe I should have read Shadow and Bone first. But as a standalone, I thought the world building was not very good. I still don’t fully understand their world. Even after reading Shadow and Bone.

The other thing that I was disappointed by was the experience of reading this book. I was never excited. I was never shouting at the book. I was never squealing with happiness. I was never throwing this book across the room. All the thrill moments felt flat. And even the one to two times I had mild feels, it was over before I could really care. This may sound strange, but as a reader I want to be stressed about a book and this book didn’t deliver that.

The other major reason why I didn’t love this book is kind of like the second reason. I never really doubted Kaz on the mission. The Ice Prison didn’t seem inescapable to me. It seemed like any other book prison. Jesper, Wylan, Inej, and Nina agreed to easily to the plan. They never really considered if it was dangerous. The whole book just kind of lacked thrill or suspense.

The best part about Six of Crows were the characters. I adored them all. The way Leigh Bardugo slowly laid there past and situations, made me feel like I have known them forever. The two characters that I wished we knew a little more about was Jesper and Wylan. We know both of their pasts, but I never felt that I personally knew either of them like I knew the other four.

I need to quickly acknowledge that the females in this book were the best. Nina and Inej were both fantastic. I just adored both of them. But both of them are in situations at the end of this book so I don’t know if either of them will survive for the next book.

Overall, I really enjoyed Six of Crows and I will most likely read Crooked Kingdoms. I’m just hoping that the next book excites me more.


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