The Sun Is Also A Star Book Review

The Sun Is Also A Star

Nicola Yoon


November 1, 2016

344 pages

I received an ARC of this book at BookCon 2016.

The Sun Is Also A Star is a dazzling sophomore novel by Nicola Yoon. I did not expect this book to be what is was. I thought it would just be a cute romance. It was that, but it was a deeper story than I expected. I have a different view of the world after reading this book. Overall, I really enjoyed The Sun Is Also A Star.

I really liked Daniel and Natasha as characters. I have never read about characters quite like them. They and their views of the world were both original. I also liked how diverse the characters were. However, I thought they were a little over the top. Natasha only believed in science. That side to her character was constantly shoved in our faces, I also did not think they were very dynamic characters. Natasha only believes in science is most of her character. Daniel was a little more three dimensional than Natasha, but I he was not as full of a character as I would like him to be. The characters were original, but they definitely lacked depth.

Another aspect I thought was over the top in The Sun Is Also A Star were the themes. I felt all the themes in this book were constantly mentioned. Life is a series of events that are determined by your decisions. Everyone’s live are somehow connected. You never know how you can influence someone’s life. I did like the themes in this book, though. I just wish they were a little more subtle.

When I first started the final chapter, I was kind of mad. I really wanted something else to happen. But when I reached the very end, I was satisfied like Angelica will never be (sorry I can’t pass up the opportunity to make a Hamilton reference). The end gave me hope. (I also got “Hello, I’m June” vibes if you know what I mean). I also think the end added a lot to the theme “You don’t know how you will influence a person’s life”. Daniel and Natasha only knew each other for a day. They were hardly apart of each other’s lives in the grand scheme of things, but they still impacted each other hugely. I really liked the end of The Sun Is Also A Star.

Overall I enjoyed The Sun Is Also A Star. It had beautiful writing, themes, and characters. This book was a very original and diverse story. I definitely recommend picking this book up when it comes out in November. If you decide to read it, I would love to know your thoughts.

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