Your Guide To Holiday Reading

The holidays are here! This is the time where you spend time with family, hang up decorations, drink warm beverages, and of course curl up and read a good book. I have created a list containing five of the books that I think are perfect to read during the holidays. These book are not really Christmas themed books, but just books that you will really get into and enjoy with that hot tea. Over the winter season, I personally prefer to read fantasy/sci-fi/historical fiction, so most of the books on this list are not contemporary.

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1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling- Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love to read the Harry Potter books over the holidays. They are fun, cheerful, and fill you with a nostalgic happiness. The Harry Potter series also just puts you in right joyful mindset for the holidays.

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2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell- Maybe it’s just because I read this book over the holidays a couple years ago. Maybe it’s because this book has a lot of seasonal Starbucks drinks in it. Whatever it is, this book fills you with this happy feeling. Fangirl is such a fun read that I definitely want to reread this holiday season.

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3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusack- I usually want to read more up beat books over the holidays, but once and a while I crave that weightier read. This is an amazing book that has its uplifting moments and its devastating moments. This book was also pretty fast paced, and the pages flew by while I was reading it.

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4. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater- This book is perfect for any time of year, but it is especially fun in the winter. This is the kind of book that you will want to sit down with a cup of tea and read for ever and ever. Or maybe just until the book is over.

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5. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell- Are you looking for a book to read this holiday season instead of Harry Potter? Then try the wonderful Carry On! This is the awesome spin off to Fangirl, but you do not need to read Fangirl in order to read Carry On. This book is fun, wacky, and similar to Harry Potter (in a good way). I think I need to reread Carry On along with Fangirl this holiday season.

What books do you love to read over the holiday season? What are some books you want to get to this winter? I would love to know.

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