Camping Outside A Theatre Is Not As Glamorous As It Sounds/Kindred Spirits Review

Kindred Spirits Image result for kindred spirits rainbow rowell

Rainbow Rowell

March 3, 2016


61 pages

Why I Read: I love Rainbow Rowell

Spoiler Level in Review: Mild

Star Rating: 4/5

Rainbow Rowell is my favorite author, so I was obviously thrilled when one of my friends got me this short story for Christmas. The same day that I received Kindred Spirits, I tore into it and finished it in one sitting. Kindred Spirits was a fun and uplifting story that dug deeper than I would have expected from such a short book.

Kindred Spirits follows eighteen year old Elaine. Elaine loves Star Wars more than anything else, so when she hears about the new Star Wars movie, she jumps in line outside the theatre four days in advance. She plans on there being a party with hundreds of Star Wars fans waiting in line. What she doesn’t expect is to be the third and final person in line.

I was really shocked by how well the characters were developed in Kindred Spirits. In the short amount of pages, we really got a sense of Elaine and Gabe’s personality, past, and character arc. Elaine was an awesome character that definitely developed. She learned to notice the people and things around her.

I also really liked that Elaine was a “midtrovert”. It was fun to read about a character that wasn’t completely an introvert or an extrovert. This supported the stereotyping people theme in Kindred Spirits. In this book, Elaine clearly doesn’t fit into a stereotype. She is a complete nerd, but she still hangs out, according to Gabe, with the “popular clique” a school. Just like not being a complete intro or extrovert, Elaine is not completely one trope.

The side characters were so much fun to read about. Troy, the first person in the Star Wars line, was completely hilarious. He was so devoted to Star Wars, and the things most people would find strange, he was totally serious about. (Troy is talking about saving spots in line.) “We had a guy in Phantom Menace who had to leave for therapy. We saved his place. But another guy tried to go to work, he said he was going to lose his job. We pushed his tent out of line.” Elaine’s mom was also really funny. She kept driving by the theatre to make sure her daughter was okay. She begged Elaine to come home. It was hilarious.

I went into this story thinking it would be a romance, but it definitely was not. Kindred Spirits was about bonding over something no matter how different you are. It was a lot of fun to watch Elaine and Gabe grow closer through Star Wars. If you are passionate about anything, Kindred Spirits will probably resonate with you.

Kindred Spirits was a funny, uplifting, and charming read. If you have the opportunity to pick it up, I highly recommend doing so. Have you read any of Rainbow Rowell’s books? Do you read many short stories? I would love to know!


  1. Rainbow Rowell is ALSO my favorite author!! Fangirl and Carry On are brilliant. I started my love affair with Eleanor and Park, and most recently I’ve read Landline. That only leaves Attachments and Kindred Spirits– I’m taking my time getting to them, however. I don’t want this to end!!
    Thanks for a great review- you’ve really made me want to read this. I probably will end up reading it for the Bout of Books readathon. 😍😍😍


  2. I need to read something by Rainbow Rowell – I keep seeing her books everywhere. It sounds like you really enjoyed this one so perhaps this would be a good one to start with?


    • Kindred Spirits is a short story and probably my least favorite Rainbow Rowell book actually. I highly recommend starting with one of her full length novels (my favorite would be Fangirl).


  3. This was such a fun one!! Although I was toootally sad it was just a novella and not a full length book because I wanted MORE about these characters.😂 I love Rainbow Rowell!! she’s such an excellent writer omg. And I’m proud I actually still enjoyed the novella even though I know zilch about Star Wars. (Shh I know I’m shameful.)😂


    • Rainbow Rowell is amazing! I am not a huge Star Wars fan either, but I think the reason we both really enjoyed it was because we could relate to their love of Star Wars. Maybe we are not Star Wars fans, but we are book fans. We shares that same love and appreciation for something else (books)


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