Season 2 Has Potential/Shadowhunter 2.1 Review


Season 2 Episode 1

“This Guilty Blood”

Air Date: January 2nd, 2017

Star Rating: 3.75/5 stars

This review will contain spoilers for Season 1 and Season 2 of Shadowhunters as well as The Mortal Instruments series books 1-3.

I went into the first episode in season 2 of Shadowhunters with very low expectations because I did not like Season 1. I was pleasantly surprised. “This Guilty Blood” was definitely flawed and not even close to perfect, but it does seem like a step up from last season. I am cautiously optimistic for the rest of Shadowhunters Season 2.

In the first scene, Jace is standing on Valentine’s ship in the middle of the night. If you do not remember from Season 1, Jace joined Valentine’s side. I am actually not that against this plot line because it will offer some room for the interesting relationship between Valentine and Jace to grow.

Clary comes up to Jace and tells him that she portaled to him to try and save him. This sentence does not make sense for two reasons. 1) I did not think that Shadowhunters could portal to places on water (especially places that have a force field surrounding it). 2) How would Clary know where Jace was? Well obviously Jace decides to ignore all reason and follow Clary so she can get home safely. Eventually it is revealed that Clary was actually just Valentine disguised as Clary to test Jace’s loyalty. I did not completely understand the purpose of this scene. It did not really give any depth to Jace and Valentine’s relationship. The only two reasons I can think of to give reason for this scene are to show that Jace is still loyal to the his friends, family, and the Clave or so Jace has an excuse to be shirtless because what is Shadowhunters without a shirtless Jace *sarcasm*.

Am I over analyzing the first scene to much? Maybe just a little bit. Two things that I was not a big fan of in the first scene as well as the rest of the episodes had to do with the fight scenes. I was not a big fan of how they were filmed or the music. The fight sequences were filmed at odd angles and the angles kept switching so it was difficult to see or know what was going on until Jace muttered “I killed him”. I was also not a big fan of the music playing in general, but it specifically bothered me in the fight scenes. Instead of the music adding to the mood, I found it to be distracting and kind of strange.

Something I really liked about the show as a whole was how it was more polished than the first season. The props and sets looked a lot better (specifically the seraph blades), and even though there were still some inconsistencies (how the runes were applied and time. Does time mean nothing in this show? It would go from being dawn, to being the dead of night, to being the middle of the day. This was specifically so they could accommodate for Simon’s vampireness but still) this show is definitely improving execution wise. I also like that this season seems to have a darker tone than season 1 to support everything that was going on. The humor does not suffer, however, because of the darker atmosphere. Magnus and Simon are still their snarky selves.

The second scene picks up and everyone is worried about Jace. Specifically Alec. I was very happy to see that Alec still cares about Jace even after the scaring number of fights they had in Season 1. When Alec gets worried and anxious he gets very moody which leads to more unnecessary Malec fights than the actual TMI series. Maryse Lightwood did not appear to care about Jace in the slightness, though. I know they changed her character from the books, but I really wish she would at least care about Jace a little.

Then we have yet another Clave member arrive at the Institute to dictate the Lightwoods and Friends and threaten to derune them all for some unnecessary reason. I don’t believe  Clave members ever came to the Institute in the books. This new Clave member, Victor Aldertree, made an announcement that Jace was a criminal and was wanted “Dead or Alive”. Why wouldn’t they want him just alive? They are making assumptions that he is on Valentine’s side, and Jace could probably tell them where Valentine was hiding out and what his army looked like. Let’s be rational Shadowhunters!

Simon is by far the best character in this show. He was probably one of the only reasons I did not completely and utterly despise Season 1. I really wish that his love life would move along though. Simon still seems to be in love with Clary (even though it will never happen), and I wish he would get over that. He was still absolutely hilarious in this season and is still getting kidnapped. Apparently the werewolves did not like Simon hanging out in the Jade Wolf so they kidnapped him and threw him in boat garage next store. What was the point of this scene? To introduce a place where Clary’s mom could lock Clary so she didn’t go after her? To add some action? To make sure that Simon would get kidnapped at least once this season?

Before the werewolves seized Simon, however, Simon tried out his powers (and failed). This scene was hilarious. Simon has not been in the shadow world long enough to use his powers, but Clary has been their long enough to actually stand a chance against Izzy in a fight. In the scene after Simon was kidnapped, Clary and Izzy were training together and Izzy was only slightly better than her opponent. This did not make a sense because Izzy has been training her entire life, but Clary has only been training for a couple months.

Then we arrive at some of the final scenes where Valentine was taunting Jace with the knowledge that Jace has demon blood in his veins. I’m really happy that this season is following that major plot line in the book. Any way, Valentine is telling Jace all about the vampire lair when Jace hears a scream. Being the heroic character Jace is, he immediately runs into the lair and finds all the vampires sucking the blood of innocent mundanes. Jace immediately kills all the vampires so that they burst into glitter. Before going back outside, Jace comes upon another vampire that is technically innocent, so according to the accords, he cannot kill her. Valentine is standing right their testing Jace’s loyalty to him, along with Jocelyn, Clary, and Simon. Jace eventually decides to kill the vampire (which I guess means he is on Valentine’s side. Is this season going to be about the down fall of Jace? That may be an interesting plot if it is done right). Then Jocelyn decides to shoot Jace with a cross bow for some odd reason. Is Jocelyn loyal to the Clave? Why wouldn’t she just shoot Valentine then?

Before the arrow can strike Jace, Valentine jumps in front of him to save Jace. Then Jace pulls the wounded Valentine away so that Jocelyn can not shoot him again. Like I mentioned earlier, I like that Shadowhunters is developing Jace and Valentine’s relationship, but I think that it is happening way to quickly.

The episode concludes with Clary exclaiming “What have you done” to Jocelyn. More Jocelyn and Clary drama for the next episode?

Season 2 Statistics

Number of Times Simon Was Kidnapped: 1

Number of Times Jace Was Shirtless: 1

Number of Unnecessary Malec Fights: 3

Favorite Line: “I’m a vampire. I’m running slow for you”-This Guilty Blood

Favorite Episode: This Guilty Blood

Least Favorite Episode: This Guilty Blood

Average Rating: 3.75/5 stars

What do you think will happen next episode? Did you enjoy this weeks episode? Did you like the first season? I would love to know!

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