Fun In The Fairy Tale World/The Enchantress Returns

The Enchantress Returns  Image result for the enchantress returns

Chris Colfer

Little Brown

August 6, 2013

517 pages

Why I Read: I am a huge fan of Chris Colfer and many people have recommended this series to me.

Spoiler Rating: Very mild

Star Rating: 3/5 stars

The Enchantress Returns is the second book in Chris Colfer’s The Land of Stories series. I actually listened to the audio book (narrated by Chris Colfer), and it was a wonderful experience that increased my enjoyment of the book. The Enchantress Returns was a fun and entertaining book to listen to, but it did have its flaws.

The Enchantress Returns follows twins Alex and Connor who have not been to the Land of Stories in a year. They are desperate to get back, but cannot because their grandmother has disappeared. When they learn that an evil Enchantress is endangering the entire fairy tale world, they make a plan to rescue the world they love.

Chris Colfer is a phenomenal story teller. How he intertwines all the fairy tales to tell one story is absolutely genius. I am not a huge fan of his writing, however. Though it was funny, some of his comparisons and similes were a little odd and the writing could become very repetitive. Chris Colfer’s writing has definitely improved, however, since the first, so I am optimistic that it will be even better in the next book.

The characters in this book were probably my favorite part of the story. I absolutely loved both Alex and Connor. They were very different people, but both really complimented and enhanced each others characters. I also felt very attached to them. The other characters that embarked on the journey with the twins were Froggy, Jack, Goldilocks, and Red. Red was a hilarious character that I was thrilled to see had a larger role in this book than in the first book. The main villain in this story was the Enchantress. Though I did not find her to be the most convincing antagonist, she had an interesting back story and motives.

The plot of The Enchantress Returns was not my favorite. It was whimsical and fun, but it felt very recycled. Does “the twins embark on a dangerous quest to collect items” sound familiar? It took a long time for this book to make it to the actual plot (two and a half hours of the audio book). Info dumps do not tend to bother me, but be prepared for many in this book. The plot was definitely not the strongest suit of The Enchantress Returns.

The Enchantress Returns was a good but not great second book in The Land of Stories series. It had fun characters and hilarious writing. It also did, however, have a recycled plot and over exaggerated writing. I will most likely be picking up the next book in this series despite my issuses with this one. What did you think of The Enchantress Returns? Do you like The Land of Stories series? I would love to know.

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