Crazy Snow White On The Moon/Winter Review

WinterImage result for winter book

Marissa Meyer

Fierce Reads

November 10, 2015

832 pages

Star Rating: 4.75/5 stars

Why I Read: I have been really loving The Lunar Chronicles this year.

Spoiler Rating: Spoilers for first three books in The Lunar Chronicles

Winter was the fabulous conclusion to The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. It was action packed, emotional, and entertaining. It was everything that I wanted from a conclusion. Even though it was 800+ pages, I was almost never bored. Winter by Marissa Meyer was a satisfying conclusion to The Lunar Chronicles.

Winter was a retelling of Snow White. It follows the princess of Luna (or the moon), crazy Winter. Winter is said to be the most beautiful person on Luna. Everyone loves her, which makes Queen Levana very jealous. Winter’s guard and best friend Jacin Clay will always protect her from Levana though. Jacin also may or may not have assisted fugitive and criminal Linh Cinder and her friends. Cinder is trying to take down Levana and claim her rightful spot as the queen of Luna, however Queen Levana will do anything to stop her.

It has been a really long time since I have been truly sad to say good bye to a group of characters. I definitely felt that way when I finished Winter. Each and every character is so different and special and absolutely wonderful. Cinder and Kai have just developed so much over the course of this series. It has been fun to watch them change and mature and get stronger. Seriously both Kai and Cinder did some things that they would never do in Cinder or Scarlet (see: wedding ceremony). Scarlet and Wolf are probably my least favorite of the group of characters, but I obviously still love them. They have such a sweet and angst free relationship even though both of them keep getting kidnapped. I did think that Scarlet has developed a lot since the second book. She is a stronger and more interesting character. Cress and Thorne are definitely my favorite pair of characters. They improved each other. Thorne showed Cress that she could be a hero and not always the damsel in distress, and Cress showed Thorne that he could also be a hero and have good motives (while still being hilarious and sarcastic). Winter and Jacin were the adorable characters introduced in this final book. Neither of them were developed as completely as the rest of the gang, but they both had a nice character arc.

The two characters that I found to be interesting outside of the main gang were Iko and Levana. I love Iko. I think she is an absolutely wonderful addition to the Rampion crew and has been my favorite character since Cinder (next to Thorne/Cress). She is funny, fabulous, and very protective of her friends. If you have read my reviews for Scarlet and Cress, you may know that I was not a fan of Levana as a villian. She lacked motivation. In Winter, she finally had something motivating her to take over the world which I was over joyed to see. However, I did find that motivation to be a little cliche.

It is very difficult to keep me invested and interested in an 800+ page book. I will usually eventually get bored of the plot and characters. I read Winter fairly quickly though and I was rarely bored. The pacing was impeccable, and I think wrapping up 4 character plot lines warranted 800 pages. The only part that kind of lost my interest was in between 20% and 30%. The one other problem plot wise was how often the characters were separated from their significant other. Honestly their was rarely a time when at least one character was not imprisoned by Levana. This felt like a recycled plot used to create tension and suspense. If I were reviewing any other book, this would probably be the point where I point out that the ending was to perfect and that nothing bad happened to our characters. However, since this series was a bunch of fairy tale retellings, I think the happily ever after end was appropriate.

I know I mention this in every one of my Lunar Chronicles book reviews, but I love how Marissa Meyer ingenuously and creatively weaves the fairy tale elements into her story. There will be times when I know something will happen (because it happens in the fairy tale), but am shocked when it actually happens in the book. The glass coffin, the seven dwarves, the poison apple, Snow White’s beauty, the queen’s vanity, and obviously true love’s kiss were all incorporated in really cool ways in Winter. I also loved the nod to Cinderella at the very end of the book with Cinder’s cyborg foot and Kai saving it.

Overall, Winter was a satisfying conclusion to an epic sci-fi/retelling series that I am sad to leave behind. It was full of fun romance, developed and lovable characters, and an action packed plot. What did you think of The Lunar Chronicles? Who was your favorite character/ship? I would love to know.

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  1. So happy to hear this series wrapped up nicely 🙂 I haven’t read any of the lunar chronicles books yet but I’m determined to read them all this year. Only heard good things about them so hopefully I will enjoy them as much as everyone else. Great review!


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