Futuristic Fairy Tales/Stars Above Review

Stars Above Image result for stars above marissa meyer

Marissa Meyer

Fierce Reads

February 2, 2016

400 pages

Why I Read: I missed the characters from The Lunar Chronicles

Star Rating: 3.75/5 stars

Spoiler Rating: Some for original series

Stars Above is the novella bind up for The Lunar Chronicles. There are nine stories about some of the characters from the original series. It was a really fun book to read and I loved learning more about some of my favorite characters. I definitely recommend Stars Above to anyone that enjoyed reading The Lunar Chronicles.

The Keeper-4/5 stars-I did not think that I would enjoy this novella as much as I did. It was cool to read about Michelle Benoit and her past. I also loved seeing little Scarlet.

Glitches-3/5 stars-This novella did not really do much for me (besides for making me sad). It was interesting to see Cinder’s thought process right after she became a cyborg, but I wish the interactions she had with her step family were a little less cliche.

The Queen’s Army-4/5-I had always wondered why and how Ze’ev had ended up as Wolf, and why he was not as wolfish as the rest of the Queen Levanna’s army. So this was a really interesting novella that expanded the world and Wolf’s character.

Carswell’s Guide To Being Lucky-3.5/5 stars-This novella was just so fun to read. It did not really enhance any aspect of the Lunar Chronicles, but I still really enjoyed it.

After Sunshine Passes Through-2.5/5 stars-This was another heartbreaking novella. It was so short, so it didn’t really have the time to develop into something other than Cress’s heart being crushed.

The Princess and the Guard-5/5 stars-I loved Winter and Jacin so much more after reading this story. It really gave more depth to both of their characters, and I loved reading about them when they were younger.

The Little Android-3.5/5 stars-I really liked this story, but it just did not have enough time to develop. I would love to see a full novel about these characters, just so I could care about them a little bit more.

The Mechanic-3/5 stars-I definitely liked reading this story, but I wish we could see a different aspect of Kai’s character before or after the series.

Something Old, Something New-4.5/5 stars-This novella was adorable. It was wonderful seeing our characters again all together after the end of the series.

Overall I really enjoyed reading Stars Above by Marissa Meyer. It was a really fun novella bind up that filled in some holes from the original series. Have you read Stars Above/The Lunar Chronicles? Who are your favorite characters? What was your favorite novella? I would love to know.


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  1. I desperately want to read the lunar chronicles series! I’ve heard only good things about these books and am determined to get to them this year 🙂


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